Vim Tips

g~: 反转大小写
gU: 转换为大写
gu: 转换为小写

>和<: 缩进(例如gg>G)
=: 自动缩进

d/foo[RET]: deletes from point to string "foo"
dfa: deletes from point to character "a", inclusive
cta: deletes from point to character "a", exclusive, and puts you in insert mode
viw: selects inside word
vfa;: selects from point until the second occurrence of char "a", inclusive
yi): copy text inside parens
di": delete text inside double quotes
Ctrl+h: 删除前一个字符
Ctrl+w: 删除前一个单词
Ctrl+u: 删除至行首

ESC或Ctrl+[: 切换到普通模式
Ctrl+o: 切换到插入-普通模式(例如Ctrl+o zz)

Ctrl+r {register}: 粘贴寄存器{register}中的内容(例如Ctrl+r 0)
Ctrl+r Ctrl+p {register}: 原意粘贴寄存器{register}中的内容

Ctrl+r = {计算表达式} Enter: 插入计算表达式的结果